Law of the Paw News

Law of the Paw News

National Movement Kicks Off April 11, 2012, in Minneapolis

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN (April 10, 2012) — Decreasing animal homelessness and improving animal lives is a collaborative effort. So, too, has been the process of growing the Law of the Paw from a great idea into a full-blown national movement. This aspirational initiative, launching April 11, 2012, in Minneapolis and across the country, asks pet owners to pledge to create a better world for animals by promising to do three simple actions:

  1. Adopt (Acquiring an animal by adopting from a shelter or rescue reduces animal euthanasia)>
  2. Spay/Neuter (Prevent unwanted litters by having your pet spayed or neutered)
  3. ID (Make sure your pet wears a collar with current ID tags so in the event your pet is lost he will get home more quickly and never even come into a shelter)

The genesis of the Law of the Paw name and positioning strategy came from the creative team at Pollywog. Pollywog is a branding agency with a unique approach to name creation. Their patent- pending process leads to names like Law of the Paw that are attention-getting and memorable— going beyond being mere identifiers to become powerful brand building tools.

Since its inception in Minneapolis in 2007, Pollywog has created brand names for Fortune 200 corporations, entrepreneurial startups, nonprofits and everything in between. Pollywog's client list includes Medtronic, General Mills, Ingersoll Rand and Animal Humane Society. AHS’s spay neuter mobile clinic Kindest Cut was also named by Pollywog.

Sussner Design Co., armed with the name and positioning, actively partnered with Animal Humane Society, putting heads together and minds to work to draw a clear, uncluttered line from the Law of the Paw initiative to the target audience. Their self-described “blue-collar approach” brings to their work diligence and duty in addition to an abundant toolbox of talents (they say humbly).

Having partnered with Animal Humane Society on various key initiatives to improve the lives of animals since 2007, Sussner Design Co. developed Animal Humane Society’s logo and brand identity, generating collateral pieces and design solutions that have helped animals in very tangible ways. For the Law of the Paw, Sussner Design Co. developed the logo, the look of the website, ads, billboards and collateral pieces to help spread the word about this critical cause.

Creation of the Law of the Paw launch video and guerrilla marketing elements were conceived and created by Carmichael Lynch. With a long-time commitment to providing creative work for pro-bono clients, Carmichael Lynch has lent their expertise to the Boys and Girls Club of the Twin Cities, The Page Foundation and the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, among others. When the pet-loving agency’s "Dog tested. Dog approved." television campaign for Subaru caught the attention of the marketing team at Animal Humane Society, Carmichael Lynch instantly became the favored partner for leading the creative charge to showcase Law of the Paw through a video project.

Carmichael Lynch is known for powerful, inventive ideas that forge strong consumer connections. Their track record of producing highly original, emotive work lends the Law of the Paw a distinct competitive advantage, offering audiences a new way to perceive of and experience the world of animal homelessness.

TEN7 Interactive is a web development studio dedicated to preserving and enhancing the integrity of great design and the user experience. Founder Ivan Stegic and his dedicated team of Drupal experts office in the North Loop of Minneapolis. The TEN7 team has built Animal Humane Society websites including Kindest Cut, Now Boarding, Sniff out the Truth and Law of the Paw,, with a keen eye trained on the user experience. The site allows animal welfare groups and shelters nationwide to sign on as well as users worldwide to sign the online promise to live by the Law of the Paw.

The Denver-based production company Futuristic Films is committed to working with organizations in which they share values and beliefs. Approached by the team at Carmichael Lynch on behalf of Animal Humane Society, Futuristic Films shot the Law of the Paw launch film, donating countless hours to filming and production. Director Richie Smyth has directed music videos for U2, and has created many award-winning commercials, films and public service announcements.

Pentax not only donated the cameras and lenses used for shooting the Law of the Paw launch video, they also generously donated funds for the production of the film. The goal of improving animal lives aligned with the company’s core values, in addition to affording them an amazing opportunity to showcase the capabilities of its new camera, the Pentax Q, the world's smallest camera with interchangeable lenses. The Pentax Q proved to be the perfect camera to ride atop the film’s hero-dog, capturing, from her point of view, the life-changing journey she makes from homelessness to an animal shelter to a new life with a loving, caring family.

And exactly where does one find a “hero-dog”? Jules, a female mixed-breed with boundless talent, played the role of the homeless “Magpie” in the Law of the Paw launch video. A shelter dog herself, Jules had been surrendered to a Los Angeles area animal welfare group where she remained un-adopted until she found a home (and a job!) through Working Wildlife, an L.A.- based company that rescues and trains animals for roles in films, television, print, and for live appearances.

Together, this team of national talents infuses the Law of the Paw with the energy, engagement, simplicity, and importance it deserves. The April 11th launch of the Law of the Paw promises to be a game changer for pets nationwide.


You've earned the PROMISE BADGE

I PROMISE to live by the Law of the Paw—to adopt, to spay or neuter, and to ID tag my pets.

Why do we need this?
Although we want everyone to live the Law of the Paw, online participants need to be 13 years of age or older at this time. If you create a profile, this information will be automatically hidden unless you elect to show it, and its use is governed by the Law of the Paw Terms of Use.
We’re sorry but children under the age of 13 need a parent or legal guardian to help them sign the Law of the Paw.
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